The goal of our project is to bring private museum owners together in order to unlock new prospects for fruitful cooperation and promote our activity. This catalogue will be the first ever published reference material about private museums in the Russian Federation, unveiling all the variety and diversity of unique and insightful historical, cultural and art collections. At present, our Catalogue has got information about 470 museums, situated on the territory of the Russian Federation. Over 700 museums are on the waiting list to be included in the Catalogue.

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Private museums located in the Russian Federation


Our partners: Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy


Museums in this catalogue belong to all sorts of interests:

Ethnic studies

Military history


Fine arts

Folklore history

Arts and crafts

Folklore arts

Political history

Natural history

Personal art history


What museum owners say about our project:

“May I offer my congratulations to you and your team for having this great and beautiful work well done! The catalogue is so neat and very handy. Once again, thank you for making us a part of it!”

- Natalia Nikitina,
Director of Kolomenskaya Pastila, Kalachnaya and Navigator museums

“Thank you, we appreciate it a lot. The catalogue is great! Congratulations!”

- Alexander Lapshin,
Director of Liteyny Dvor private museum

“I love all of it, you’re doing a great job! Hope the publication will go out soon”

- Denis Ivantsov,
Director of Jeweller’s Art Museum


The project covers 85 federal subjects:


- Ethnographic Museum

Altai Republic

- A.K. and T.P. Bardin Museum

- Ethno Park on Lake Teletskoye

- Tourist Center “Mountain Pharmacy”

Arkhangelsk Oblast

- House Museum of Dolls

- Viktor and Galina Merzlykh Family Museum

- Arkhangel Kozulya Cookie Museum

- Shevelev masters and Kargopol Clay Toy Museum

Astrakhan Oblast

- MuLyaZh Museum of Frogs and Toads

- Shokoladushka Museum of Chocolate

Republic of Buryatia

- V.I. Alyoshin Mineralogical Museum “Raduga Samotsvetov” (“Rainbow of Gems”)

Vladimir Oblast

- Da Vinci Museum of Illusions and Sciences

- Spoon Museum

- The Levitan House of Landscape Private Museum

- Kovrov Motorcycle Museum “Moto-Kovrov”, Private Cultural Institution (KMM MK)

Volgograd Oblast

- Museum of Chocolate

Vologda Oblast

- Galinskiye Sails Interactive Museum

- Art Project “Russian Life” in the “Kurakin Ceramics” Workshop

- Museum of Zadnesel’skaya Volost

Voronezh Oblast

- Merrymaking Yard “Biryulki” (“Spillikins”)

- Public Museum of Rural Life and the History of Khvoshchevatka Village “Gostepriimniy Dom Babushki Marii” (“Grandma Maria’s Hospitable Home”)

- Ethnocultural Center “Small Village of the 17-19th Centuries”

Ivanovo Oblast

- Kineshma Museum of Felt Boots

- Museum of Decorative Glass and Painting

- Museum of Old Russian Family (a country estate of a 13th-century jeweler)

- Shuya Soap Museum

Irkutsk Oblast

- Dias Art Gallery

- Retro Park Art Studio

Kaliningrad Oblast

- Marzipan Museum in Kaliningrad

- MURARIUM Cat Museum

- Domik Angelov (House of Angels) Museum

- Museum of Russian Superstitions

- Museum of Skulls and Skeletons

- Altes Haus Museum Apartment

- Fort XI Dönhoff

Kaluga Oblast

- Sergey Zharov Private Museum

- Professor Probirkin Anti-Museum “Bezumnaya Laboratoriya” (“Crazy Laboratory”)

- MU MU Art Museum of Garbage

Kamchatka Krai

- Museum Complex “Visitor Center ‘Museum of Volcanoes of Kamchatka “Vulkanarium”’ and Entertaining Science and Creativity House ‘Interesarium’”

Republic of Karelia

- Polar Odyssey Maritime Museum

Kirov Oblast

- Museum of History of the City of Khlynov

- Museum of Vyatka Samovar

Kostroma Oblast

- City Mayor G.N. Botnikov Museum House

- Museum of Jewellery Art

- Gypsy Culture and Life Museum

Krasnoyarsk Krai

- Museum of Shaving Planes

- Photo-Izba Private Museum-Estate

- Sergey M. Kharchenov House

- Podvorje Yamschika (Coachman’s Coaching Inn) Museum

Republic of Crimea

- Feostoriya Historical and Adventure Center

- PhiloSoviya Museum of Owls and Eagle Owls

Leningrad Oblast

- Museum of the Sun

Mari El Republic

- Heritage Museum and Shop “Marketplace”

- Museum of Ceramics


- Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy

- Armenian Museum of Moscow and Culture of the Nations

- International Numismatic Club Museum

- Cold War Museum “Bunker-42 on Taganka”

- Moscow Museum of Animation

- Ritual Masks and Figures of the World Museum

- Lomakov Museum of Antique Cars and Motorcycles

- Wooden Toy Museum in Lyublino

- Museum of Nomadic Culture

- Lights of Moscow Museum

- Museum of Military History of Moscow

- Russian Valenki (Felt Boots) Museum

- Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

- Art Deco Museum of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts

- Ochakovo Museum of Traditional Russian Beverages

- Museum of the Jewish History in Russia

- Progulka v Temnote (Walk in the Dark) Museum

Moscow Oblast

- Nadezhda Strelkina Museum-Gallery “Skazochniy Mir” (“Fantasy World”)

- Exhibition of Burov Family Private Collection “House of Samovar”

- Museum with Good Taste “Kolomenskaya Pastila"

- Kalanchnaya Museum

- Museum of Favorite Toy

- Museum of Russian Dessert

- Carpentry Tools Museum

- Museum-navigator

Novgorod Oblast

- Tyosovo Narrow Gauge Railway Museum

- Alexander Varentsov Workshop of Realistic Painting

Novosibirsk Oblast

- Magnet Museum “Compass”

Oryol Oblast

- Museum of Collector Dolls

Penza Oblast

- Entertaining Science Museum “Reactor”

Pskov Oblast

- The Battle on the Ice: Battle History Museum

- Medovyy Khutorok (Honey Hamlet) Museum

- Museum of Ethnography and Homeland Chirskaya krenitsa

- Museum "Foundry yard in Sigovo"

Rostov Oblast

- Engineering History Museum

- Laboratorium Interactive Science Museum

- Museum of Contemporary Fine Art at Dmitrovskaya

Ryazan Oblast

- Kasimov Bell Museum

- Museum of the History of Ryazan Lollipop

- Russian Samovar Museum

- Butterflies and Dragonflies Apartment Museum

Saint Petersburg

- Grand Maket Rossiya Museum

- Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

Samara Oblast

- Samara Museum of Photography “Photo History”

- Moto World of Vyacheslav Sheyanov

- Museum of the Frog

Sakhalin Oblast

- Search Movement of Russia in Sakhalin Oblast

Sverdlovsk Oblast

- Vladimir Vysotsky Museum in Ekaterinburg


- Interactive Museum “The Heroic Defence of Sevastopol in 1941-1942”

- Museum of History of Balaklava City

Stavropol Krai

- Themed Museum “The World of Jewellry Boxes”

Republic of Tatarstan

- Tatarskaya Sloboda Museum

- Chak-chak Museum

Tver Oblast

- Goat Museum in Tver

- Museum of Plyushkin in Tver

Tomsk Oblast

- First Museum of Slavic Mythology

Tula Oblast

- Filimonovo Toy Museum

- Garmoni (Squeezeboxes of) Deda Filimona Museum

Tyumen Oblast

- Museum of Blacksmithing

Udmurt Republic

- Museum of Chocolate History

- Kuznetsov Museum

Ulyanovsk Oblast

- Simbirtsit Museum-Salon

Chelyabinsk Oblast

- House Museum of Stone

- Experimentus Entertaining Sciences Museum

- Gardarika Historical Re-enactment Park

Chuvash Republic

- Cheboksary Science and Technology Museum of Tractor History

Yaroslavl Oblast

- Museum of the History of Russian Vodka

- Uglich History Museum

- Tolbukhino Museum Union

- Old Sewing Machines Museum

- Tsardom of Ryapushka Vendace Tsardom Museum

- My Favourite Bear Museum

- Pereslavl Railway Museum

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