Magazine – Private Museums of Russia


“Private museums of Russia. Talents of Russia” Magazine is a publication that provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural diversity of our country, to join its customs, traditions, discover new knowledge about the history, geography and ethnography of the peoples of Russia, and thereby revive the interest in domestic tourism. The magazine talks about private museums, behind each of which there are interesting people, real enthusiasts of their craft, regardless of what they collect: minerals, weapons, carpentry tools, irons, dolls, typewriters, porcelain, vintage cars or gastronomic delights. This is a kind of guidebook that allows you to understand how people live in different regions of our country, how they try to preserve, enrich and pass on the historical and cultural heritage of their native places to the next generations.

Online: Certificate of registration EL № FS 77 – 75766 dated 23.05.2019

Print Magazine: Certificate of registration PI № FS 77 - 75963 dated 24.06.2019

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