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We invite you to the community “Collectors and Craftsmen Club-Museum”

Dear colleagues, museum owners and collectors!

We invite you to join an interesting and useful community of Filatov Konstantin Sergeyevich in Whatsapp and Telegram – “Collectors and Craftsmen Club-Museum”. Many museums from different regions of Russia already participate in these groups.

The communities have areas of focus:
– buying-selling-exchanging;
– craftsmen and restorers;
– discussion forum, where you can buy or exchange various exhibits, get advice, find like-minded people.

The creator of the group is Filatov Konstantin Sergeyevich. Tel: +7 (923) 007-00-00.

The activity of communities is aimed at popularization of collecting and preservation of historical memory in material objects of the past, at expansion of geography of interaction between collectors and museum workers all over the country!



Best regards,
Director of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia
Alexey Shaburov