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A new exposition of the Moo-museum opened in the central Lopatinskiy garden of Smolensk city

My unique collection of objects with images of cows and bulls is called “Moo-museum” among collectors.

The history of the Moo-Museum began in 2001 and after many years of continuous growth, the exposition of the museum today is about 35 thousand exhibits. During this time, the “horned collection” has four times become a record-breaker in the Russian Book of Records in the categories of the largest collections of magnets, figurines, crockery and soft toys with images of cows and bulls.

The exhibits of the Moo-museum are made of ceramics, glass, stone, metal, rubber, felt, birch bark and other materials. The variety of materials makes the collection more interesting for viewers and often gives the exhibits a special charm.

Among the museum’s exhibits are works by Russian masters, stamps, postcards, coins, coupons, thimbles, medals, badges, jewellery, wrappers and much more. Exhibits from more than 100 countries are presented.

Visitors have a unique opportunity to explore different types of classic and modern collecting.

At the moment, the Moo-Museum exposition has opened in the central Lopatinsky Garden of Smolensk.

Irina Bochkova’s collection is a four-time Russian record holder in terms of magnets, figurines, soft toys and crockery.

In addition to the items listed above, the exhibition features: books, wrappers, postcards, pocket calendars, pictures of cows and bulls made of metal, wood, porcelain, cardboard, fur, fabric, coconut and other materials.

There are even piggy banks, records, soaps, bells, clocks, flasks, masks, ashtrays, lighters, shoe spoons, hangers, sweets, Christmas tree toys, author’s works of fur, money (coins and notes) from Madagascar, Spain, India and manicure scissors for cow hooves!

Children are engaged in activities at the museum. Here they play board games, sculpt, colour magnets, and make various crafts at master classes. 

The Moo-museum (a collection of items depicting cows and bulls) is a member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia.

Museum address: Moscow region, Zvenigorod,Vvedenskoye settlement, Sechenov sanatorium “Zvenigorod”, 1, bldg. 3.
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