Integral museum-apartment of everyday life of the Novosibirsk Science Campus

Novosibirsk Oblast

Contact information

Novosibirsk, Science Campus, ul. Pravdy, building 4, flat 4

Tel.: +7 (913) 916-79-14, +7 (913) 913-25-05


Operating hours

By request

Ticket price

Ticket from 350 rubles per person

Visiting the museum is only possible with a tour (excursions in English are possible)

Founder / Owner / Director of the museum

Anastasia Beznosova-Bliznyuk

Founder / Owner of the museum

Alexander Stepanov



About museum

Integral museum – apartment of everyday life of the Novosibirsk Science Campus is a private museum of “living” stories, which has existed since May 2014 in the heart of the Science Campus and tells us about its first years of life. The exhibition is based on unique documents and artifacts from famous scientists, as well as the archives of the legendary “Under the Integral” youth club of the “Khrushchev thaw” period , whose motto was “People, let`s integrate!”.

Our museum is called “touching”. The peculiarity of the museum is that you can touch all the exhibits, experiencing it in action. The interior is decorated in the style of the 60s, and the exhibits are not stored under glass, but are used in everyday life by the authors of this project – Anastasia Bliznyuk and Alexander Stepanov. They not only take part in the museum excursions, historical evenings, arrangement of concerts and performances, photo shoots and production of movies, but also live in this unique atmosphere.

In addition to the items from the Soviet era, the museum also has another impressive collection. Vintage outfits: more than 100 hats, dresses of famous women, who worked in this Science Campus, bags and shoes, gloves and jewelry, wedding fashion, as well as collections of military uniforms from the First World War, pre-revolutionary books, furniture, and household items.

A special feature of the museum is its large number of mini collections: cameras, watches and coins, embroidery and needlework samples, sewing machines and typewriters, musical instruments and equipment, perfumes and cosmetics, and antique and Soviet porcelain.

Mysterious antique items, toys, and examples of collecting the past, school, medical, and art paraphernalia, sports equipment, and items of everyday life – all this is presented in our integral museum-apartment.