“Chocolate Fairy” sweetshop

Lipetsk region

Contact information

Lipetsk, ul. Oktyabrskaya, building 57

Tel.: +7 (474) 220-37-57, +7 (903) 866-72-84, +7 (905) 043-33-98


chocofairy.ru, vk.com/sweetfairy_choco

Ticket price

Entrance ticket – 50 rubles

Tasting set:

-Adults – 300 rubles

-Children – 200 rubles

Masterclasses – from 200 rubles

Founder, owner, and director of the museum

Svetlana Ponomareva



About museum

The owner of the museum came up with the idea of opening an interactive museum after visiting the museum of chocolate in Prague. However, his aim was to focus not on the exhibits and composition, but on interactive, live communication and demonstration of the processes of chocolate and candy production.

The museum’s events are held in the form of a conversation-tasting. A mini film about the cultivation and fermentation of cocoa beans is shown to visitors. After that, we demonstrate the processes of cleaning beans, making a chocolate mass on melangeur according to ancient technology, and the process of tempering and making sweets with fillings. The event includes a tasting of chocolate from different regions, a comparison of their taste qualities, and a tasting of freshly prepared sweets. For younger guests, there are also masterclasses on making sweets.

There are natural, dried cocoa tree plants and cocoa beans in the collection of the “Chocolate Fairy” sweetshop. There is equipment for their recycling crusher, melangeur, conching-machine and temerarious machine. The museum also has a collection of antique interior items and tableware, shaped chocolate products, and sweet souvenirs.