The Frog’s Museum of Dmitrov

Contact information

Dmitrov, Kropotkinskaya street, 67, Dmitrov

+7 (903) 106-77-08


Opening hours


May – October: Daily

October – May: Daily except Mondays

The cost of tickets


The founder

Khazova, Yu.B.



A bout the museum

The town of Dmitrov was founded by Yuri Dolgoruky in a swampy area. The impassable swamps provided protection; they stopped the enemy’s cavalry. Amazingly the frogs also aided in the defense. The frog-protectors croaked, warning villagers of the enemy invasion. The frogs gave people a chance to collect their belongings and hide inside their earthwork homes as well as to hold the city’s defenses.

Quite often the people of Dmitrov were called frog people. Many writers describing our town mentioned the swamps and stunning croaking of innumerable frogs.

The Museum of Dmitrovian Frogs gives a chance to view the town’s close link with this remarkably interesting amphibian. Our museum will surely enchant you and you will want to visit again. Our free interactive tour with costumes to dress up as little frogs make you smile and the choice of Ivan Tsarevich and Frog princess give you an opportunity to learn about our town’s places of interests.