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We invite you to a creative evening of Liliya Slavinskaya (Phyllo), 12+

On March 11, the Russian-German House in Moscow will host a creative evening from the cycle of Russian German explorers and discoverers – dedicated to the opening of the exhibition of graphic artist and gallery owner, Lilia Slavinskaya (Phyllo), “Below 0℃. Arctic and Antarctic. Painting. Graphics”. The guests will see a musical and poetic performance “Polar Night” devoted to the conquest of the northern latitudes and demonstration of the film “Two Months at the End of the Earth”. The event is supported by the International Union of German Culture and the Creative Association of the Russian Germans. It starts at 16:00.

The plot of the play “Polar Night” is based on events from the beginning of the last century. In 1912, three Russian expeditions set off from St. Petersburg towards the northern latitudes. The first, on the ship “Saint Foka”, is headed by Russian naval officer, polar explorer Georgy Sedov. The aim of the expedition is to reach the North Pole. The second, on the ship “Hercules”, is headed by polar explorer, scientist and geographer Vladimir Rusanov. He is to discover new fields of coal on Spitsbergen, sail along the Great Sea Route along the northern extremity of Russia and reach the Pacific Ocean. The third, on the schooner St Anna, is led by the experienced navigator and Russian naval officer Georgy Brusilov. He, like Rusanov, intends to sail the Great Northern Sea Route and enter the waters of the Pacific. During the voyage, the members of the expedition are tasked with keeping a special scientific journal of observations.

Among the members of the expedition was a young woman in her twenties who was the ship’s doctor. While each of the leaders of the three expeditions had their own ambitious goals, this young woman set out on the perilous voyage purely at the call of the heart, wanting to help others in the time of need. Erminia Zhdanko was the name of the heroine. On the schooner “Saint Anna” she was assigned a separate cabin. Yerminia was happy. She treated the few sick on the ship. She had a photographic device at her disposal and took photos of the important and interesting events on the expedition, unaware of the serious ordeal fate was preparing for the crew…

The author of the idea of The Polar Night play is Elena Belozerova. The author of the lyrics is Elena Fedorova.

The participants of the performance are: winner of international contests Emil Chernyshov (violin), laureate of numerous international and Russian contests, winner of Grand Prix at Russian musical contests three times Maria Seligerskaya (vocal), Elena Shuvalova (piano) and Honoured Cultural Figure of Russia, member of the International Academy of Russian Literature, twice nominee for the Literary Prize of the World, laureate of the literary and theatrical prize named after A.P. Chekhov Elena Fedorova, who is is a poet, writer, actress, and an author of more than fifty books.

The documentary “Two Months at the End of the Earth” is based on the story of artist Lilia Slavinskaya (Phyllo) about her participation in the expedition of the Northern Sea Route from Arkhangelsk to Chukotka, with helicopter flights to weather stations on Severnaya Zemlya and the Novosibirsk islands. On board, in the cabin and on the bridge of the Mikhail Somov scientific expedition vessel, 69 creative works were created, reflecting the life and work of polar explorers at hydrometeorological stations, observations of nature and animals at sea, on capes and islands. In the film, Lilia Petrovna also tells incredible stories that happened to her during her travels.

The creative evening will take place on 11 March (Sat.) at 16:00 in the Russian-German House in Moscow at the address: Urunzenskaya metro station, Malaya Pirogovskaya st., 5, Berlin hall (1st floor).

Entrance is free. Pre-registration is open, you can use the following link.

Source: rusdeutsch.ru

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We invite you to a creative evening of Liliya Slavinskaya (Phyllo)