Time Gallery Museum Park 12+

We are pleased to welcome a new member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia – the Time Gallery Museum Park. The founder of the museum is Kurdyumov Vladimir Borisovich.

The founders of the Time Gallery are well-known people in the world of retro-engineering: V.B. Kurdyumov’s workshop started the restoration of cars long before the museum opened, in 2008. The first GAZ-M-1 car was restored in 2012. A desire to share success and demonstrate to the public the experience of working with unique artefacts led to the opening of the first museum exhibition on September 05, 2020. The first pavilion to open was the Retro Technology pavilion. On the 1st of May 2021, the second pavilion, the Museum of the USSR era, opened. In September 2021, the concert pavilion was opened. The territory of the museum park occupies 2.2 hectares of land. There is an outdoor exhibition of military equipment, a Mi-8 helicopter, a Yak-40 aircraft and much more. Three more exhibition pavilions are gradually being prepared for opening. The area of each pavilion is 1000 square metres.

The main activity is sightseeing. During the two years of existence, forums, conferences and concerts, film and fashion shows, theatrical performances, themed museum lessons, quests, workshops, in which everyone could take part, as well as the organization of city and regional celebrations and festivals have been added to the traditional excursions. Moreover, the Museums Park is an experimental platform for schoolchildren, undergraduate and postgraduate students of secondary and higher education institutions to conduct and write research papers. The Museums Park is also a place for students to do their practical and pre-graduation internships.

Retro Technology Pavilion: the pavilion houses a collection of retro cars from the first to the last production cars of the Soviet Union. Limousines from various historical eras, from the reign of the last Tsar of the Russian Empire to the first President of the USSR, take particular pride in the collection. You can see a black prisoner transport vehicle, a ‘car’ without pedals and the world’s first civilian off-road vehicle.

Soviet era museum pavilion: The pavilion is a kind of “time machine” which takes you on a journey through the Soviet Union: you can sit at a school desk, do laundry in an activator washing machine, drink tea in your grandmother’s living room, try on fashion items in the fashion room, or feel like a projectionist in the cinema equipment room – and it’s only the beginning.

the Time Gallery Museum Park exhibits more than 15 open-air military vehicles, a MI-8 helicopter that flies above the Arctic Circle and a Yak-40 plane that makes you feel like a pilot sitting at the controls in the cockpit.

Museum address: Novosibirsk, Mochishenskoye highway, 1/6
+7 (923) 177-88-88, e-mail: timegallerynsk@gmail.com
website: retro-nsk.ru

Time Gallery Museum Park