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The Report on the Conference “Private Museums 2020. Tretyakovs of the XXI Century”

The World Calligraphy Museum hosted the conference “Private Museums 2020. Tretyakovs of the XXI Century” on September 24, 2020 at the initiative of Alexey Shaburov, Director of the Association of private museums. The conference  which was attended by the founders and directors of about 40 leading private museums in Russia, as well as representatives of executive and legislative authorities.

Blogger, founder of the Fine Art Embroidery Gallery Svetlana Dianova made a report about the event. In her video, she told who and why gathered at the conference, how the discussion of issues related to the activities of private museums took place: the participants of the conference not only voiced the problems they face, but also suggested ways to solve them, shared their positive experience and spoke about the importance of uniting.

Undoubtedly, Svetlana couldn’t help but ask the owners of private museums and representatives of state authorities for their opinion on the conference itself and its significance for the museum community.

According to Natalia Pilyus, a member of the State Duma Committee on Culture, a year ago the exhibition “Private museums of Russia. Talents of Russia”, which brought together more than 100 private museums on one site, showed that private museums are a real phenomenon, so she expressed her happiness that the work of the Association continues. Pilyus also promised that if the conference results in concrete proposals to amend the legislation, she and her colleagues will try to do their best to ensure that these changes are adopted.