The Moscow Museum of Military History , 12+

The Streltsy (Russian medieval musketeers) will come to Moscow, to the Krutitskoye Podvorye!

On June 10 and 11 for the Moscow Chronicle festival, we prepared a historical re-enactment dedicated to the “Time of Troubles” (XVI-XVII centuries).

Krutitsy area is made for such events, as it witnessed the events of those years, and the chapels of the cathedral, the walls and the passages create the right atmosphere, allowing the viewers to dive into that epoch.

For guests there will be:

– demonstrative performances by the reconstructors;

– musket and archery shooting range;

– performances of musicians from the Moscow Tsardom;

– board and movement games;

– coinage;

– historical fair;

– photozone;

-and other interactive activities.

Guests will not only be able to see history come alive in front of their eyes, but also touch it thanks to special guided tours.

“Non-touristic Podvorye”.

A guide in a historical costume will tell you the history of Krutitsky Podvorye, show you the Metropolitan palaces and take you up to the observation steps and Krutitsky chamber.

After that the guests will go inside the ancient tombs and temple premises of the 15th century which date back to the legendary The White City of Moscow.

Age 12+


– 10.06 –

– 11.06 –

Entertaining excursion: “Recruitment into the Streltsy army”

Young visitors will learn the military skills and military training with mock muskets and take part in a sword fight, imitating the close combat of the XVII century.

Age 7+.


– 10.06

– 11.06


The event takes place at  Krutitskaya Street, 17, Krutitsky Podvorye (Krutitsky Patriarchal Metochion) in Moscow. Working hours: from 11:00 to 18:00.


The Moscow Museum of Military History is a member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia.

Address of the museum: Moscow, Krutitskaya Street, 11, Krutitsky Podvorye (Krutitsky Patriarchal Metochion).

Tel.: +7 (929) 652-71-98, +7 (926) 669-63-82, +7 (925) 209-02-82, +7 (916) 605-23-66


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