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The Grandfather’s Attic Museum has launched a crowdfunding campaign

The Grandfather’s Attic Museum, a member of the Association of Private Museums of Russia, has launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to provide free tours and workshops for those who can’t pay for it. The museum often receives requests to hold free events for orphanages, boarding schools, volunteer organizations, and families, but due to serious financial constraints is unable to host free events for all of them. Unfortunately, private museums are not funded from the budget, but they pay rent, salaries, utilities, etc. That’s why the founders of the museum decided to seek public funding. The fundraising campaign is open on the platform Planeta.ru. You can participate by following the link. All participants will receive a small reward — a souvenir and a museum tour. The raised funds for tours and workshops will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. The date of the event will be confirmed by the participants, and the sponsors will receive a photo report.

The Grandfather’s Attic Interactive Museum for children from 1 to 101 years old is a private interactive museum for children and adults, where you are allowed to touch almost all the exhibits. The Museum opened in 2019 on the territory of the Izmailovsky Kremlin in Moscow. In addition to various educational and explanatory models and materials, the show includes a lot of real antiques in good working order and with a fascinating history. You can start a record player, shout into a speaking tube, type poems on a typewriter, find out what’s making that noise inside a toilet and a dishwasher, talk through an old telephone and send a distress signal using a telegraph key. And both children and their parents love to play with old toy trains. In addition to excursions, the Museum offers a range of interesting and exciting masterclasses, and host holiday parties.

Although the Museum just recently opened its doors, it has already won the hearts of Moscow citizens and city guests. Since the beginning of the academic year, the museum has been included in Moscow educational programs “A school day at the museum” and “The Olympiad — museums, parks, city estates”. Unfortunately, these and other programs have been suspended due to the pandemic. Public funding is a chance for the museum to survive these difficult times.