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The exhibition “Masks of the world” has opened in Alexandrov

The exhibition “Masks of the World” has opened in the Alexander Museum of Art on February 10, 2020,  in Aleksandrov city, Vladimir Region. It represents a unique collection of old masks, sculptures, household items, most of which were collected in the 19th century in Bolysov family of hereditary doctors during their stay in different countries with missions, including the work with the Red Cross.

The exhibition unites in one space the cultures of peoples of different continents and allows each guest not only to make a trip around the world, but also to be filled with the demiurgic, creative energy of our vast planet. One of the most unusual show-pieces at the exhibition “Masks of the World” is an African sculpture of the 19th century Nkisi-Nkodi, which fulfills desires and protects from evil spirits.

Among the other presented artifacts, there are African masks unusual for the European eyes, combining bizarre geometric shapes and elements of exotic animals or insects, as well as the brightest, expressive masks of Asia, representing various dhamrapalas (protectors) and bodhisattvas. A separate part of the exhibition is occupied by Russian masks. These artifacts are poorly studied and practically not presented to a wide audience, and, as a rule, are one of a kind. To preserve the spiritual component, the masters making such masks never make copies.

The smallest visitors of the exhibition will be able to try on some masks!

Venue: Vladimir Region, Aleksandrov, Pervushin estate, Sovetskaya str., 16.

How to get there:

from the railway station by buses No. 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9 to the “Sovetskaya square” bus stop

by bus No. 10 from the railway station and No. 6 from the “Mayak” bus stop to the “Sberbank Garden Square” bus stop

The exhibition runs until March 1, 2020.