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“Our Orekhovo” figure skating performances and ice sculptures brought joy to the villagers

“The Ice Sculpture Festival in Orekhovo village in the Spassky district attracted visitors from Izhevskoe, Kistrus, Troitsa, and other nearby villages, as well as Spassk and Ryazan.

The event was full of fun and entertaining activities, as it should have been on Christmastide. Students from the Ryazan Children Sports School “Iceberg” performed at the ice rink, which recently opened in the village through the efforts of the locals led by entrepreneur and philanthropist Alexey Shaburov. The ice show touched every soul in the audience. The young figure skaters were awarded incentive prizes by representatives of the administrations of the Spassky district and Lakashinsky rural settlement. After the ice show ended, ice rink was opened to the public.  Even though no one on the rink performed such beautiful dance moves and jumps anymore, all skating enthusiasts seemed to be in a good mood and full of energy.

The Rossiyanochka choir of the Troitsky Village Hall performed for the guests at the improvised stage built next to the ice rink. Children, as well as adults, were sliding down the wooden slides, and everyone was taking photos, all together and in turns, in front of ice sculptures installed right there on the site. No one could walk past the sculptures of magical forest creatures — the Bear, the Hare, and the Tiger, the symbol of the upcoming year according to the Chinese calendar, without taking a selfie. For the winter holidays, the ordinary countryside turned into a fairy-tale land. The tsar’s throne and an authentic ice hut, which fit perfectly into the ice sculpture exhibition, completed the magical landscape.

In fact, anyone could try their hand at ice carving during the workshop by famous artist Evgeny Shirochkin. He was a special guest of the festival.

The last day of the public vote for the best ice sculpture of the Ryazan festival was the first day of the Ice Sculpture Festival in Orekhovo. The festival will last a month. So everyone who owns a car can see the ice sculptures in Orekhovo. We must warn potential travelers that the distance from Izhevskoe to Orekhovo is about 20 kilometers. And not far from there, you’ll find the Oka Nature Reserve.

So the winter weekend trip can be both informative and entertaining.

And the first day of the Ice Sculpture Festival in Orekhovo ended with real festive fireworks.”

Lyudmila Trukhina, Ryazan Vedomosti