Museum-studio of textile dolls “PELAGEYA”, 12+

A new member was added to the Catalog of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia — the museum-studio of textile dolls “PELAGEYA”. The founder and owner of the museum is Olga Nikolayevna Popova.

The museum (originally a creative workshop) was created at the branch of the Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Russian State University of Tourism and Service in Perm within the framework of the research theme “Artistic crafts and trades in rural tourism”.

In the first years of activity, it was the organization of a cultural and historical space and a creative workshop to create souvenirs reflecting the image of the Perm Krai. Then – work with students to collect information on traditional crafts, including dolls, under the guidance of Dr. A.V. Chernykh. Our activities included holding scientific conferences, collecting material on craftsmen of Perm Krai, ethnographic collection and work within the framework of the project “Living Map of Russia”, as the branch was preparing students to work in the hospitality sector. Currently, the activities of the studio museum have an educational orientation (excursions, master classes, travelling exhibitions, offline and online classes). Special attention is paid to the work on the preservation and development of artisanal dolls.

Currently, our museum’s collection includes over a thousand dolls and toys, 27 thematic collections, and photo exhibitions ranging from traditional folk to modern interior textile dolls and toys.

The most valuable collection is a set of antique artel dolls and their copies. We have already recreated one-third of the known images and plan to continue this creative work. The dolls have different structures, heights, and purposes. Many traditional techniques can be found in these century-old handicrafts.

Interesting images, unusual movable structures, and authentically Russian clothing on the dolls have captivated us with their simplicity of manufacture and originality.

In addition to recreating well-known images, our masters have also developed their own Permian dolls based on artel constructions, which are in high demand.

Address of the museum: Stakhanovskaya 18, Perm (in the building of the Stakhanovets Public Centre).
Tel.: +7 (912) 885-25-63; e-mail:;