Museum of retro machinery “OUR OREKHOVO” 12+

We are pleased to welcome a new member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia – the Museum of Retro Machinery “OUR OREKHOVO”. The founder of the museum is A.Y. Shaburov.

Museum of retro machinery «Our Orekhovo» is not just a private museum on the outskirts of the Ryazan region; it is a unique story of how a real “bestseller” of our day is created. The museum is located on the territory of an old abandoned sawmill. Having bought it, the new owner started to clear away the rubbish and found some very unusual things: old Soviet petrol stations from the 1980s, two Moskvich-2140 cars and a very, very old and ramshackle DT-75 tractor. This was the basis for the idea that apart from reanimating the sawmill, a museum of Soviet machinery should be created there – as a reminder that without the past there is no future.

Now the museum collection includes more than 50 units of machinery and some very rare things: the “Kievlyanin” motorbike from 1952, a 1957 ZIM, a “Pobeda” GAZ M-20 and many other interesting things. The fate of each exhibit for the owner of the museum is like the fate of a person, I think you understand me!

Address of the museum: Ryazan region, village. Orekhovo
+7 (916) 353-21-09