For the sake of creating new museums

The private family Museum of Millstones near Veliky Novgorod on August 14, 2022, held a seminar and practical training for creative and initiative people from the Chudov district, Novgorod region on behalf of the training program “Forge a wheel spindle, Oskui!”, supported by the Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives.

The attendants saw four projects and their owners working directly with tourists: the Museum of Millstones, the Family Carpentry Workshop, carpenter Artyom Belov and the private Museum of the USSR near Veliky Novgorod.

They ground grain and made it into flat breads to taste with a cup of tea, made candlesticks and studied beautiful designer objects being sold at the SLOVISHA Festival, and even felt a bit of nostalgia interacting with objects from the Soviet past.

“I am sure that such internships, open communication and exchange of ideas are very helpful and allow you to increase visual experience to improve the quality of their projects or even just the ideas,” says Vladimir Nikiforov, the organizer of the internship.

Interactive activities for tourists include comic reconstruction of the coat of arms and planting apple trees. In the Museum of Millstones you can and should touch essentially everything, even symbols of power!” shared Vladimir Lvovsky, the founder of the museum collection.

“We learned how to conduct an excursion in an original way, to hold visitors’ attention, and to adjust for the age and personal issues and needs of the tourist group. And in the USSR Museum, we all became our own tourist guides, this is another unusual way of working with tourists,” Viktoria Sokolova, a resident of the Chudov land admitted.

The seminar attendants are going to take another internship this fall, to discuss what they have seen and to plan out their ideas, including ones for creating new private museums in the Chudov district of the Novgorod region.

The museum is a member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia.

Museum address: Veliky Novgorod, Kilometer 9 of the Pskov Highway, Energetik Gardeners’ Partnership
Tel.: +7 (911) 624-74-02, +7 (911) 601-85-03