Collectors’ Club-Museum, 12+

We are pleased to welcome a new member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia – Collectors’ Club-Museum. The founder of the museum is Konstantin Sergeyevich Filatov.

Konstantin Filatov has been interested in preserving cultural heritage since childhood. From a young age he had been collecting various objects and exhibits from the Soviet past at home. Year after year, his love for this activity grew and he came to understand that the objects of the past are vanishing without a trace and that the history of our country is being lost with them. Many years later collector Andrey Andreyevich Minkin came into his life and from him Konstantin learned that Andrey Andreyevich had the world’s largest collection of Soviet televisions and turntables. And this prompted Konstantin Sergeyevich Filatov to open a museum for Andrey Andreyevich, and, at the same time, to open a museum to house exhibits from the Soviet past. “Historical items are an opportunity to go back in time without a time machine, and the museum is the kind of machine that transports to old times. When you come back from there, you can draw conclusions about the present and the future by examining objects from the past visually. The peculiarity of our museums is that we collect large objects that are non-standard for many collectors, as they are being lost at a high rate – unlike the miniature things (coins, badges, porcelain, etc.), which are interesting to the general mass of collectors.

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