Buckets Empire Japanese Car Museum, 12+

We are pleased to welcome a new member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia – Buckets Empire Japanese Car Museum. The founder of the museum is Kozlov Igor Arturovich.

“After visiting many museums and exhibitions focused on automotive themes, I noticed that there was no museum dedicated to Japanese machinery and automobiles. I decided to occupy this niche and started collecting exhibits of Japanese production. In the process, many like-minded people showed up, so the museum began to grow and become popular.”

The museum aims to preserve rare Japanese pre-1990 cars, various machinery and artefacts (books, magazines, catalogues, artefacts); to promote Japanese culture to the masses, to introduce young audiences to the Japanese car industry and its development, and to provide a safe and convenient place to store cars for owners of classic cars.

At the moment the personal collection of the museum consists of 28 cars, two scooters and a large amount of machinery, books and magazines, household items of Japan of 70-90’s. Since we provide a parking lot for Japanese cars produced before 1990, besides our collection there are 55 more cars of our clients under the roof of the museum (the exposition changes once a season).


Museum address: Moscow, Tashkentskaya Street, 28/1
+7 (916) 637-60-54