Belgorod Frontier Historical Park, 12+

We’re happy to welcome a new member of the Association of Private and People’ Museums of Russia – the Belgorod Frontier Historical Park. The founder of the museum is Vladimir Mikhailovich Zhigalov.

The open-air museum “BELGOROD FRONTIER – MURAVSKY ROAD” was created within implementation of the project of “Historical society “Ratnik” with support of the Presidential grants fund.

The museum and recreational complex is located on a site of the archaeological monument of the XVII century – the preserved section of the earth rampart and the small town of the Belgorod region. The main exhibits of the museum are reconstructed samples of XVIIth century defensive structures that will make it possible not only to study history as a science of the past, but also to plunge into the atmosphere of that time and feel yourself as a defender of one of the fortresses of the Belgorod’s borders. All exhibits of the complex are interactive in one way or another. Visiting the museum doesn’t require a prior booking and a guide – the entire territory is provided with high-speed internet, and the exposition is equipped with a QR-code system that allows you to view a video tour, use augmented reality features and go on interactive quests.

Museum address: Belgorod District, Dragunskoye village, Kozhemyakina street, Belgorodskaya Border Historical Park
+7 (962) 309-55-50