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An exhibition of author and collection dolls “Dolls Worlds”

On the eve of International Women’s Day during Pancake week at the Museum of Jewelry on February 28, 2020 an exhibition of author and collection dolls “Dolls Worlds” opens.

The doll is the eternal companion of a man. The first dolls appeared about 40 thousand years ago and became a kind of attribute, an element of human life. Now there are many types of dolls in the world, a very wide range of opinions about their true meaning in our lives, but they are still inextricably linked with a person, influencing, helping, influencing them …

“Dolls Worlds” is a collective exhibition, the idea of ​​which is to create an author’s doll world in each of the shop windows, with its special “inhabitants”, magical atmosphere, unusual fashion and unique hand-made jewelry. All this has a unique effect on the viewer. Six participants will show the most diverse variations of the doll world  characters: from textile and knitted to limited collection dolls. Each doll has its own fate, creates its own individual image and mood.

Participants of the exhibition are both Kostroma craftswomen and collectors for whom the doll is a friend and assistant: Olga Buraya, Svetlana Derepashchuk, Anna Egorova, Daria Zalesskaya, Ekaterina May and Lyubov Smirnova.

The exhibition will be supplemented in the lobby of the museum with sketches of works on the theme of “Dolls Worlds” created by the students of the Institute of Design and Technology of Kostroma State University majoring in “Costume Design”.

The exhibition “Dolls Worlds” will be interesting to all age groups and will last until April 1, 2020.