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A resident of Severouralsk has created a huge collection of minerals.

A researcher from Severouralsk has collected more than one and a half thousand minerals and has opened the museum, dedicated to geology.

He brought exhibits from all over the world.

 This flap, which is similar to a piece of cotton wool or leather, is less likely to resemble a mineral.  Although in fact it is a silicate, which was took from the circumpolar Urals. Nearby is the fluffy stone and lint – this is not mold or fur!

Mikhail Tsyganko, a researcher of the Northern Urals, exhibited a variety of mineral forms in his museum. For six years, he managed to collect an extensive collection.

There are one and a half thousand of different copies only in the halls . Even a “lightning cast” is presented at this exhibition!

The researcher finds the exhibits primarily in the fields. A special pride of the museum is the collection of minerals of the Northern Urals. “For 15 years, I have been engaged in the study    of the minerals of the Northern Urals, collecting materials directly at its fields . It is the most complete –the most representative samples are presented there. We have four new minerals on our account and an application for two minerals has been sent to the Commission ,”- said Mikhail Tsyganko, a resident of Severouralsk.

If an experts at the world level confirm, that the chemical composition of the samples is really unique, the North Ural enthusiasts will have already discovered six minerals. And they plan to continue the research work in the museum The reason is that it is also beautiful. “This is a natural symmetry, natural beauty, when you dig it out of the ground, you clean it and see the perfect creation of nature in front of you. It attracts us and fascinates, “-says Mikhail Tsyganko.

The collection also fascinates the visitors of this exhibition. Students, local citizens and guests of the city come here on excursions every day.

Source: Vesti-Ural