A “Living Museum” of Anatoly Kamardin

While wandering the ancient streets of  the city Tver, you should visit the unique museum, where the art of ceramics “lives”.  This is the “Living museum of Anatoly Kamardin”.

The “living museum” is a place, where the ceramic artist lived and worked. He made a unique ceramic panel “The festive procession” and placed it on the facade of his building. “Living museum” is a “gallery of ceramics”, “artist’s Workshop” and the house, where his family lived and continues to live. The “living museum” has always been a place of attraction for creative people. Family members preserve the atmosphere, in which the artist created his main and iconic works. It provides a unique opportunity to get acquainted with his work.

The name of the Tver ceramist Anatoly Kamardin will always occupy one of the first places in the constellation of names of artists, who have made a significant contribution to the development of Russian arts and crafts. His work is well known to our country and abroad, including the  art historians. A participant of numerous exhibitions, prestigious world-class biennales, international symposiums on ceramics and representative competitions, he was repeatedly awarded with various diplomas and medals, which are granted by authoritative juries for particularly outstanding achievements in the profession.

Anatoly Kamardin left a great creative heritage. His works are stored in major Russian and foreign museums, private and corporate collections.

Kamardin passed away at the peak of his creative heyday, when he gained the necessary life and artistic experience, and it seemed that there was nothing impossible in the implementation of many plans and ideas. Children grew up, and a house was built, and he could  fully devote himself to his favorite business.

Anatoly Kamardin’s ceramics will always remain a bright phenomenon in the Russian decorative and applied art. His magnificent works attract, because they materialize the spiritual energy, that is  invested in them by the author, and share it with  us. The artist created first-class works of modern ceramics, which are now perceived as classics. An inexhaustible thirst for creativity, self-forgetful devotion to his work- that was all in Anatoly Kamardin, all this determined the whole meaning of his life.