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20 years have passed since the first exhibition at the Packaging Museum

Of course, now it is not easy to remember the first exhibition that was held 20 years ago at the Packaging Museum, when it was located in the premises of the Polytechnic Museum. Moreover, it was the first exhibition in the newly created Packaging Museum (at the suggestion of the General Director of the Polytechnic Museum G.G. Grigoryan, it was created as a department of the Polytechnic Museum, or as a “Museum in a Museum”).

The exposition of this exhibition presented for the first time collections of original labels, bottles and advertising paraphernalia produced by Russian entrepreneurs in the 19th – early 20th centuries, stored in the archive of the Packaging Museum. The exposition also showed the history of Russian vodka, from ancient times to 1917.

Boris Smirnov, a descendant of the Russian vodka dynasty Smirnov, who then revived the production of domestic Smirnov vodka, took part in organizing this exhibition. He presented his collection of bottles, labels and advertising paraphernalia for Smirnovskaya vodka at this exhibition.

By the way, a few years later the Museum staff presented the collection of labels for Russian vodka in the Russian pavilion of the Design Festival in Florence (Italy), where the unusual exposition was a huge success among visitors.

From that moment on, the editorial staff of the Tara i Upakovka magazine annually began to hold packaging exhibitions on the history of packaging, design and ecology.