Museum of Admiral V.A. Kornilov and the Kornilov Family

Tver Oblast

Contact information

Tver Region, Staritsky district, Ryasnya, Lukovnikova rural settlement

Tel.: +7 (903) 034-06-25, +7 (919) 065-27-75


Operating hours

Daily, by appointment

Monday, Tuesday: Closed

Director of the museum

Alexander Yakovlevich Volnukhin (2009–2019)



About museum

The opening of the museum was preceded by a huge amount of work carried out by local historian, Alexander Yakovlevich Volnukhin, who headed the museum and continued to replenish his exposition and funds. Nowadays, it operates as the Museum of Admiral V. A. Kornilov and the Kornilov Family and is dedicated to the life and work of not only Vice-Admiral V. A. Kornilov, but also of other members of the Kornilov family who made a significant contribution to the development of the Fatherland. In addition, the museum has a number of permanent and temporary thematic exhibitions.

The Museum of Admiral V. A. Kornilov and the Kornilov Family is the central link of the entire “Ryasnensky” cultural and historical complex, which also includes the following objects in the building of the Kornilov family museum:

– an exhibition dedicated to the Navy Forces, the valor of admirals, the military, and residents of the city;

– an exhibition dedicated to local historical topics of this region (Ryasnya, Lukovnikova rural settlement, Staritsky district);

– Museum of Rural Life, located in the building opposite to the Museum of Admiral V.A. Kornilov and the Kornilov Family;

-Museum of the Ryasnensky school named after Vice-Admiral V.A. Kornilov;

– a chapel on the site of the Church of the Resurrection;

– Trinity chapel, Holy gates and Holy springs;

– various cultural objects of antiquity (man-made water objects, ancient settlement remains, cultural sites of stones and paganism).