Wedding, Family, and Childhood Museum

Saint Petersburg

Contact information

Musikalnaya Ul., Building 11, Tyarlevo village, Pushkin district, Saint Petersburg

Tel.: +7 (812) 902-68-55

Operating hours

On preliminary appointment

Ticket price

500 rubles/person

Museum founder (owner, director)

Olga Ivanovna Morozova



About museum

The Wedding, Family, and Childhood Museum allows one to strengthen the connecting thread of time, as well as respect for the past of your people, which is passed from generation to generation. This can serve as the moral education for young people and can strengthen the family. The museum presents materials from archives, family birth documents, wedding attributes, and fashion accessories, and also reflects the interests of newlyweds from different periods of Russian history. Olga Morozova leads a tour of the St. Petersburg Wedding Museum. All the exhibits and documents in the Museum are authentic; many of them have unique markings of St. Petersburg manufacturers. We draw visitors’ attention to the fact that all items produced in St. Petersburg have double the value, since they all survived several wars, were evacuated, and then returned to our city. Our museum is designed for a wide range of visitors and is the first and only one in Russia that covers this theme.

“Preserving history, we think about the future.”