Museum of the Creative Local History Club of Tyarlevo Village

Saint Petersburg

Contact information

Saint Petersburg, Bolshaya Ulitsa., Building 1, Tyarlevo village, Pushkin district

Tel.: +7 (921) 902-68-55 466-48-73


Operating hours

Wed – Sun: 11:00 – 18:00

Mon, Tue: days off

Museum founder (owner, director)

Olga Ivanovna Morozova



About museum

The purpose of our museum is to preserve the memory of the dwellers of Tyarlevo, to pay tribute to generations of countrymen who survived in difficult life situations, and to foster love for their native land. Our museum allows visitors to strengthen the connecting thread of time. By collecting and studying family stories, unique photos and documents, and household items, we try to understand the secret of spirituality hidden in antiquities. For us, collecting itself is akin to creativity, when a whole picture is created from the scattered fragments of past life. It also shows respect for the past of our people – respect that is passed down from generation to generation and can serve as a moral education for young people. Our tasks are to involve as many concerned people as possible in local history, and to restore the names of heroes who defended their Fatherland and had been undeservedly forgotten for many decades. We invite everyone to our club, because we believe that everyone can contribute to the preservation of memory. We have chosen the path of reviving culture and preserving traditions with full responsibility for our work to the people of the past and at the same time to the people of the future. We should learn to feel ourselves in history in order to understand our place in modern life.