N. R. Roerich`s Museum in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk Oblast

Contact information

Novosibirsk, ul. Kommunisticheskaya, building 38

Tel.: +7 (383) 218-06-71, +7 (913) 720-00-77

E-mail: sibro@mail.ru



Operating hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: from 11:00 to 19:00/18:00

Tuesday: Closed

Ticket price

Full ticket – 200 rubles

Students and pensioners – 100 rubles

Students (under 17 years) – 50 rubles

Preschoolers – free

Audio guide in Russian – 100 rubles

Audio guide in English, German

French – 200 rubles

Excursions without extra pay, scheduled

Owner of the museum

Siberian-Rerihovskoe Society

Founder of the museum

Natalia Dmitrievna Spirina (1911-2004)

Director of the museum

Olga Andreevna Olkhovaya


Year of foundation: 1997 – the beginning of construction

2001 – unofficial opening

2007 – official opening

About museum

The Roerich Museum in Novosibirsk is one of the ten museums in the world that is dedicated to the great Russian artist. Roerich attached great importance to Siberia, predicting a great future for this region. In 1926, the expedition, headed by him, visited Novosibirsk and Altai.

The museum was built with the method of folk construction – on the voluntary donations of many people and organizations. Many people came here to participate in the construction.

Natalia Dmitrievna Spirina, the initiator and inspirer of the construction of the museum, a well-known Roerich admirer, poet, and novelist, was 86 years old when the construction started. People responded willingly to her call to create a museum. Being a spiritual disciple of the closest disciple of N. Roerich – B. N. Abramov, a man of high culture, she developed the best human qualities in herself; this is what inspired and warmed people`s hearts.

The construction of the Roerich`s Museum in Novosibirsk began with the complete reconstruction of a dilapidated kindergarten in 1997. There was a great interest in the museum, so the exhibitions and slide programs were organized for visiting guests, even in unpainted rooms!

Nowadays, the Museum of N. K. Roerich is carrying out broad cultural and educational work: exhibitions, literary and musical slide programs, social and scientific conferences, round tables, and concerts.

The exhibition includes photographs of the Roerich family from the archive of the Nicholas Roerich Museum in new York, paintings and high-quality reproductions of paintings by N. K. and S. N. Roerich, personal belongings of the Roerich family and the items brought by them from the Central Asian expedition, and paintings by other artists.

In the office of N. D. Spirina you can see her archive, watercolors, and personal things of B. N. Abramov.

The Peace Bell and memorial chapel of Saint Sergius are also located on the territory of the Roerich’s Museum.

The museum is a travelling one and provides exhibitions to other organizations. The museum is located in Novosibirsk.