The Living History Adventure Museum


Contact information

Prechistenka Ul., Building 33/19

Tel.: +7 (905) 548-11-01


Operating hours

Monday through Sunday 10:00 – 20:00, by appointment only

Ticket price

The price of visiting the interactive program – 300 roubles per person (groups of no less than 20 people)

Founder and director of the museum

Veronika Aleksandrovna Tsareva



About museum

As a child, I dreamed of being brought back to the past and literally touching an ancient museum. Books on history and archeology have always been my favorite. But in my childhood, all the exhibits in museums were behind glass or under the “do not touch” sign. Therefore, our museum is the embodiment of my childhood dream. The exhibits are very diverse – from fossils and objects of Russian life to copies of antique and medieval helmets and weapons. In the museum almost everything can be touched and tested in action. That is why visiting the museum is only possible as part of a group for an interactive program.

The museum hosts interactive tour programs and workshops, focused mainly on children from 7 to 12 years old. The subjects are: Stone Age, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Russian History, Medieval Europe, Ancient India, and Medieval Japan.

Our desire is to make history come to life for children.