Museum of Traditional Russian Beverages “Ochakovo”


Contact information

Moscow, Ul. Ryabinovaya, building 44

Tel.: +7 (495) 785-39-07


Operating hours

Monday-Saturday: from 9:00 to 18:00 by appointment

Ticket price

Adults – from 150 rubles

Preferential – free

Founder of the museum

Alexey Andreevich Kochetov



About museum

The museum’s appearance at the enterprise is connected with the revival of traditional Russian kvass production. In the mid-90s, the technologists at “OCHAKOVO” were often sent to the Russian provinces where native residents there told them the details of preparing home-made kvass according to traditional culture. Our specialists were often given authentic wooden items which were used to prepare real kvass at home. Once an icon of St. Nicholas, which is considered the patron of brewers, was brought back from such a trip. The old image, created presumably at the end of the 18th – early 19th centuries, was presented to the “Ochakovo” employees by the residents of one of the villages in the south of the Voronezh Region. After that, the company decided to create its own special collection of antiques that would help the visitors of “OCHAKOVO” to learn more about the classic process of making traditional drinks.

Guests of the plant are offered one of the excursions. Adults are shown how to make classic beer or a mini-brewery for craft production; children will learn how to make lemonade and kvass. Looking into the brewer’s hut, you can take a fascinating journey to the old Russian provinces and understand how the famous Russian drinks were prepared at home centuries ago.

After a walk through the production halls and a visit to the historical exhibition, you will have an “OCHAKOVO” drink tasting.