Kaliningrad Marzipan Museum

Kaliningrad region

Contact information

Kaliningrad, Azovskaya ul., building 4, Yunost park

Tel.: +7 (911) 494-87-11

E-mail: toropa@list.ru


Operating hours

Sat – Sun: 12:00 – 17:00 – free visiting of the exposition,

17: 00–19: 00 – Marzipan Fairy Tales master class (by appointment)

Ticket price

Visiting the museum exposition -250 rubles (price includes excursion and the handmade marzipan, painted by the visitor in the hall)

Marzipan Fairy Tales Master class – 500 rubles

The museum founder

the Toropov family

The museum director

Alexandra Petrovna Toropova



About museum

The history of the museum began in the fall of 2008 with the cultural project of the sixteen-year-old student Alexandra Toropova, “The Konigsberg Marzipan Renaissance”, which was invented by her after visiting the Tula Gingerbread Museum, and prepared at the Transit Agency for Cultural Initiatives seminar. The project was supported by the directors of the leading Kaliningrad museums and the School of Youth Entrepreneurship experts. A. Toropova presented her idea at the forums You are an Entrepreneur in Seliger (2010) and Baltartek (2010, 2011).

Each city has its own culinary brand; in the old Konigsberg it is the marzipan, which appeared in the Middle Ages. The Konigsberg marzipan was exported to other countries, including Russia. In 1809 the first factory of the Venetians Pamatti was opened in the city, and the industrial production of these amazing sweets began. The confectionery tradition lost after 1945 was revived by the Kaliningrad Marzipan Museum, that opened in 2011 by the initiative of the Toropov family. For a long time, the museum had no premises and worked as a “migratory” one, systematically exhibiting its exhibitions in the halls of various museums.

The Kaliningrad Marzipan Museum considers the marzipan an unusual and wonderful material for creativity. Each visitor, after listening to the tour, tasting marzipan that is prepared according to the old Konigsberg recipe, and watching art exhibitions made from marzipan, paints the marzipan himself and takes his own unique masterpiece with him.