The “Maloshuiski Museum of Folk Life”

Arkhangelsk Oblast

Contact information

Abramovskaya village, Onega district, Arkhangelsk region

Tel: +7 (952) 258-73-62


Operating hours

Daily from 16:00 to 19:00

Ticket price


Founder and owner of the museum

Chairman of the CBT “Pomorze”, Director of the museum Elena Fedoseeva

The museum’s ideological inspirer and founder

Galina Mihailovna Moshnikova



About museum

The “Maloshuiski Museum of Folk Life” in the village of Abramovskaya (about three kilometers from the urban village of Maloshuisk) is located in the former school building where the club and library now operate, not far from the famous “Tee” – two wooden churches and a bell tower. The museum is small, it occupies only one room. It was opened in 2011, thanks to the idea of Elena Fedoseeva, who offered to take folk life items from the abandoned Pomeranian village of Unezhma to a new place. The mayor of Maloshuisk, Alexander Baranov, selected a room and offered to organize a CBT “Pomorze” which won a grant (forty two thousand rubles) for the design of the museum room. They did everything themselves. The layout of the Russian stove and racks were made by the folk craftsman Andrey Vladimirovich Aurov. The Librarian, Galina Ivanovna Moshnikova, became the museum curator.

You will be able to see exhibits from the villages of Unezhma, Maloshuisk, and Kusherek at our museum. There is a painted spinning-wheel from a local Pomeranian painter from the village of Maloshuyk, the “Olin” painting from the village of Unezhma and the “paringinskaya” painting from the village of Kushereka in this museum.

You will not be left indifferent to the painted Shrovetide sled (people rode on these), beautiful coal irons and old wooden irons called “Rupeli”, ceramic dishes, and many other things. Galina Mikhailovna will tell you about the Pomeranian life of our ancestors. You can visit the restored Sretensky temple and delight yourself with delicious Northern tea and pies. We are looking forward to seeing you at our Museum!