The “Ten pen” Museum of Russian Culture

Altai Republic

Contact information

Altai Republic, Chemal district,the Cheposh village , Ul. Traktovaya, d. 8

Tel .: +7 (923) 664-41-11, +7 (923) 664-22-54


Operating hours

Daily from 10:00 to 19:00

Ticket price

100 rubles for the entrance ticket.

300 rubles for an excursion

500 rubles for master classes (felting, ritual dolls, pottery, modeling of whistles)

There are discounts for groups and children.

Founders of the museum are the Shilov family

Svetlana Gavrilovna Shilova, Anna Yurievna Shilova, Olga Yurievna Shilova

Owner and director of the museum

Svetlana Gavrilovna Shilova



About museum

Family members came up with the idea of creating this museum. They had the desire to create a fabulous arts and crafts center, where you can not only watch and listen, but also immerse yourself in the crafts. This was based on a doll collection, the material of which had been collected by the family long before the museum opened.

The museum is located on the territory of a rural estate and is a clear example of rural tourism. There is a museum of folk dolls, a room with a Russian stove, a pottery workshop, a Baba Yaga hut, and a mysterious

labyrinth on the territory of the museum.

The main visitors of the museum are mostly families from the Altai Republic.

In addition to excursions and master classes, reconstructions of folk festivals and folk holidays are regularly held there.

The museum’s collection includes more than one hundred and fifty types of traditional games, ritual dolls, pottery, spinning wheels, and household items, as well as two working Russian stoves. (*I don’t understand this last part about preparation so I just removed it, the translation works without it).