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Young Novgorodians can now try out the professions of technologist, metrologist or barista at the Museum of Millstones

Free career guidance workshops for school students ages 10 to 18 are held on Saturdays at the Trest Eco-Beauty Hub. Food technologist, metrologist engineer, tour guide and entertainer, barista – the private family Museum of Millstones together with the ANO “Lyubava” with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation tell young Novgorodians all about the origins and the modern nature of these jobs.

“The Origin of Daily Bread Program teaches teenagers where they can study for a certain career, what kind of employers are looking for such specialists, and what is the expected salary in the field,” the millstones collector Vladimir LVOVSKY explains. “We give students ancient exhibits from the Museum of Millstones, which were used at the early days of five professions. For example, students weigh a load with three different steelyard balance scales from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries and understand how much more accurate the measuring devices have become and how important it is to know how to work with them properly. We also invite a metrologist as a guest speaker to the workshop to introduce to young people daily tasks the job entails. The goal is not to convince everyone to become metrologists. But we can successfully explain to them the nature of the job and its value, spark interest and raise respect for the profession!”

“A food technologist must roll up their sleeves, because they shouldn’t let things slide,” with this humorous instruction Elena MIKHAILOVA, the owner of the museum, invites students to grind grain with 300-year-old milestones.

It is with this flour that they later bake small loaves. And they don’t mind anymore that a food technologist often gets up at four in the morning, kneads dough until seven, and at eight fresh from the oven bread is already on its way to the shops. The work of a technologist is crucial, you cannot leave the city without bread.

According to the job search websites statistics, 85 regions of Russia are hiring an average of 7 technologists and are willing to pay them over 40 thousand rubles a month. The students believe that the salary is pretty good by the standards of the Novgorodian region, and 7 out of 30 students are considering going into this career.

“I liked everything about the profession, and the way it was introduced through sayings, presentation and games,” Ekaterina SHURAKOVA, a 5th grade student of school No.14 reviews her experience at the workshop.

Not all jobs necessarily require secondary specialized or higher education. For example, a barista. Guest coffee experts Lyubov and Dmitry KURNOSOV, trained chemists, founders of the Black&White coffee shop assured the students that to become a barista, in addition to the love for coffee, it was also

necessary to have love for people, you couldn’t do it without being sociable!

Fifth grader Vasilisa SARINA is excited:

“We ground our own coffee in a 19th century coffee grinder, brought some water on a real carrying pole and brewed an aromatic beverage! And it was the first time I’ve ever seen a mortar for grinding sugar!”

Margarita Vasilyevna LIKHACHEVA, an Honorary Citizen of Veliky Novgorod, teacher at school No. 14, brought her students to four of the five workshops:

“I decided that in the fifth grade it was time for students to think about their future professions, and understand that in addition to “clean and smart” jobs, there were ordinary ones that were needed daily. You must earn a living to live a good life. Because children nowadays live on their parents’ money and do not know what it takes to provide. The students were happy to do some manual work instead of just listening to theory. The workshop material is sufficient for kids. It’s a huge bonus to be able to meet jobs through game activities.

The workshops have been attended by students of schools No.8, 23, 25, 37, gymnasiums No.2, 3, 4, Harmony, Origin, Quant, and the Childhood Social Center. Students from Batetsky, Novgorod and Starorussky districts also plan to visit. As for the recent visitors, the overview of professions “from ancient household items to today’s hiring process” turned out to be speaking for itself, the students got a taste of real work.

Bogdana Kostevich, 1st year student of the NovSU Department of Journalism

Photo courtesy VK group “Museum of Millstones”

Source: gazetanovgorod.ru

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