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Women’s Fate Museum “Spinning, weaving, embroidering…”

We are glad to welcome a new member of the Association of Private and People’s Museums of Russia — the Women’s Fate Museum. “Spinning, weaving, embroidering…”. The founder and owner of the museum is Natalia Leonidovna Ryabtseva.

The museum is dedicated to an ordinary woman, who lived a very difficult life sometimes, but created incredible beautiful things — towels, tablecloths, bed skirts, festive costumes, decorated with woven patterns and embroidery. The clothes and objects forming the exposition are authentic and unique. No two are alike. Every piece of clothes or footwear, every tool used at home or on the farm, was handmade from the materials people gathered or harvested themselves. That’s why the song line “Spinning, weaving, embroidering…” has become a kind of motto for the Women’s Fate Museum.

The museum provides guided tours and workshops for visitors. Recently, a veranda has opened, providing a venue for tea parties and gatherings. Thematic exhibitions are also held in the additional exhibition hall.

Museum address: Moscow region, Kolomna, Posadskaya st., 35.
Tel.: +7 (916) 941-60-61, +7 (977) 335-61-61