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  • We invite you to the opening of the “Orekhovo Autumn” festival, which will be held from 10 to 11 September!

We invite you to the opening of the “Orekhovo Autumn” festival, which will be held from 10 to 11 September!

Large-scale construction works have unfolded in the Ryazan region. On a huge site in the Spassky district, preparations are underway for the “Orekhovo Autumn” festival. The aim of the festival is to draw attention to the village of Orekhovo, stop the population outflow and bring prosperity back to the village.

Orekhovo now has 60 registered residents. For many years, entire families left their homes because they saw no prospects. Now, however, an agritourism cluster is being formed here. One of the steps to make this goal a reality was the organization of a grand festival.

The focus of the “Orekhovo Autumn” festival is the opening of the “Our Orekhovo”museum complex. It includes: Museum of World Calligraphy, Park of Culture and Recreation with attractions, as well as an open arena for equestrian sports.

Also included in the “Orekhovo Autumn” Festival programme are:

 – Ballooning Festival

– Horse show and demonstrations (Horse-sports complex “U Ivanych”)

– Beach football and volleyball competitions

– MMA demonstrations (SC “Evpatiy Kolovrat”) and Russian folk fun “Wall to Wall” and much more!

For the numerous guests of the “Orekhovo Autumn” Festival, the Nikulin Circus will be open – Vladimir Deryabkin’s show WITHOUT A MASK, a unique circus show successfully touring Russian cities. On 11 September there will be a charity performance for orphans, disabled children and families of deceased servicemen and employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Support is provided by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of the Ryazan region.

The festival will unite masters of folk crafts from different parts of Russia. Demonstrates the diversity of original Russian handicraft and folk culture. It will show the numerous guests of the festival the tourist potential of the Spassky district of the Ryazan region, the beauty of nature and hospitality of the Ryazan land.

The organizers of the festival “Orekhovo Autumn” will be: Alexey Shaburov’s peasant farm, the Association of Private and Folk Museums of Russia, the Museum-Educational Complex “Our Orekhovo”. The festival is held under the patronage of the Administration of Spassky Municipal District of Ryazan Region.

Festival partners – Administration of Spassky Municipal District, Technomonolit Company, Radio “Humour FM”, publishing house “Spasskiye Vesti”, “Autoradio Ryazan”.

The opening of the festival “Orekhovo Autumn” will be held on 10 September at 11:00. Orekhovo village, Spassky district, Ryazan region. PR specialist Anton Primachev, tel. +7 (909) 878-25-83, is ready to answer all questions.