UNIQUM — a place for creativity

On June 29, the delegation of the Association of Private Museums of Russia headed by its president Alexey Shaburov visited the UNIQUM Gallery of Private Collections in Perm.

The guiding principle for the gallery, headed by Nadezhda Zelenina, is to organize diverse exhibitions that allow creative people and collectors of the Perm Krai to present their works and hobbies to a wide range of allies.

The gallery is called UNIQUM for a reason. Here the visitors can see something that they cannot see anywhere else, even in state museums. The core of the exhibition area is the permanent exhibition Safari, presenting hunting trophies from Africa. The collection is displayed in a way that allows the visitor to learn about the animal world as well as the culture of the continent. Next to each exhibit is a label providing basic information about the item and its origin story. One of the objects on display is simply stunning — an Ethiopian ritual shield decorated with Christian paintings. The exhibition includes artifacts from 10 countries —Cameroon, Uganda, CAR, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Namibia.

But there is more. In the hall right next to the African display, various exhibitions of paintings, applied art, and private collections are regularly held.

The gallery often partners with educational institutions, organizes guided tours, lectures on art and philosophy, art briefings with artists, music concerts, and art nights.

It is currently an important time for the UNIQUM Gallery: its administration is preparing a new exhibition dedicated to the fifth anniversary of its opening.