They develop their skill from year to year

“The Mood” Club for Needlewomen has been functioning at the Irbit State Museum of Fine Arts for four years. Creative women develop their skill from year to year. Their works  take part in competitions of different levels – from the city level to the regional level. While working together, women share their experience and interesting ideas with each other through master classes.

The main goal of  The Mood Club for Needlewomen is to preserve folk art crafts and to share the experience of local needlewomen.

One of the masters, Valentina Semyonovna Pupysheva is  jack-of-all-trades: she embroiders, knits.

Her latest work is “wedding towel”, crocheted from thin threads. Valentina Semyonovna is a creative person. She is always happy to share her experience of needlework with everyone. You can buy the works of masters in the Irbit State Museum of Fine Arts(Ul. Revolution, 25,second floor).