“The Teddy Bear Room” Private Museum

I first learned about “The Teddy Bear Room” in 2000. Ten years earlier I was engaged in making dolls. The first “Teddy Bear” exhibition in Germany (Munster) in 2003 impressed me with its scope and number of participants. So the first designer bear from Belgium appeared in my collection. The collection was gradually replenished. Exhibitions were held in different countries such as Germany, England, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Latvia, Taiwan, and China. Acquaintance with the producers and designers of teddy bears and the purchase of them is the basis of the collection. Some of the exhibits were donated to the museum. Along with purchasing the collection, I studied the history of the teddy bear, which begins in 1902.

An interest in dolls returned, but in the form of antiques. They are also part of the collection.

In 2014, it became possible to display the entire collection. The question arose of creating a museum where residents and guests of our city could learn more about the teddy bears. The bear has long been the main symbol of Perm and Perm Region. So how could we miss the opportunity to present bears, even teddy bears, in a city like this?

The museum offers tours and lectures on the history of teddy bears (their creation, world producers, designers, and famous bears as literary heroes) and master classes on creating a classic bear, designer artists from Russia and abroad, various toys, “replicants”, dolls, and Christmas toys. Master classes for adults and children as well as charity master classes are held. Cartoons and films on the subject are shown at the museum.

The museum actively participates in the exhibition activities of the city: Art Perm, Antique salon, and thematic exhibitions in the regional library, museum, and art gallery.

In 2019, it took part in the “Night of Museums” campaign. The museum aims to promote the teddy bear through the mass media.

Since 2017, “The Teddy Bear Room” Private Museum has been the organizer of the “TeddyEurasia” festival.