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The spring seasons of the club-museum-lecture hall “Masks and Figures of the world”

The Spring season 2020 “Masks and Figures of the world”, is held in the cities: Orekhovo-Zuyevo (from April 3 to May 3), Bronnitsy (this exhibition is held online due to the quarantine), Elektrostal (February 26 to April 5). We invite everyone to visit these amazing exhibitions, filled with knowledge, magic and spirituality.

About the exhibition:

The “Masks of the world” exhibition is a unique exhibition of ancient objects, carefully collected for 200 years by the Bolysov family.

Combining the exhibits of all regions of the world in one place, a well-adjusted exposition allows you to feel and be filled with the unique magic of various cultures of our amazing Land. Each mask or ancient sculpture carries a powerful charge of positive energy, that will stay with the guest for a long time and gives him strength!

One of the most unusual exhibits at the “Masks of the world” exhibition will be an African sculpture of the XIX century called Nkisi-Nkodi, which makes the wishes come true and protects you from evil spirits. Everyone can ask this figure to fulfill their wish!

The Exhibits:

Africa is an unusual for the European view plastic of African masks, which combines fanciful geometric shapes and elements of exotic animals or insects.

Asia-the most bright, expressive masks of Asia, that embody different Dhamaal (the defenders) and Bodhisattvas.

The “Masks of Russia” exhibition is a separate mysterious topic, which is little studied and practically not presented to a wide audience. These exhibits are usually the unique. Having made such a mask yourself, the master never makes a copy of it, because the spiritual component of the object is lost.