The Shestakov Restoration Workshop Museum

The Shestakov Restoration Workshop Museum. A new exhibit in the museum’s collection

A new exhibit in our collection is a good reason to visit the museum. Our military hall didn’t have a motorcycle of this brand before. The famous BMW and Zundapp had to move a little to give place to the newcomer.

Although, it is one of the oldest military bikes in our collection.

So, this is a German motorcycle NSU-251 OSL of 1936. It was produced in 1933-1943. The motorcycle has a relatively simple design. We’ll talk about this in more detail during the tour. It has been partially restored in our workshop.

In the meantime, let me say a few words about the manufacturer.

The German company Neckarsulmer Fahrzeugwerke, AG, or NSU, was founded in 1873, at first, it produced sewing machines, then bicycles, and in 1901, it started making motorcycles, as well as cars. In 1969, the company became part of the Volkswagen group. And since 1977, the brand name NSU has no longer been used.

That makes the bike that was recently added to our collection all the more valuable. We are not yet finished admiring it ourselves. Join us! It’s more fun and interesting together.


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