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The new issue of the magazine “Private Museums of Russia” has been published

We are pleased to present to you the new issue of the “Private Museums of Russia” magazine. Despite the quarantine, caused by the coronavirus epidemic, the issue has been published, and this is certainly a welcome fact.

Of course, while working on this issue of the magazine, we did not isolate ourselves from the pandemic, but made it one of the main topics of the issue. We did our best to tell you about how the museums live under quarantine: how they still remain useful to the society, what difficulties they overcome and how, despite physical limitations, they keep in touch with visitors.

It is interesting that the situation, connected with the isolation, when museums can`t earn money, brought us back to the discussion about the role of private museums and once again convinced us of the need to support those, who preserve cultural heritage, making it accessible to present and future generations. In the near future, all of them will have to go through a difficult way of gradual way out from quarantine. Therefore, we are confident that the topic of receiving grants, which we planned to cover in March, that is, before all the events, related to the spread of the epidemic in Russia, has not lost its significance, but has become even more relevant.

Can a private museum apply for a grant, whose help it can count on and what actions are needed  to take to win the grant competition – in the new issue, we not only give detailed answers to these questions, but also introduce you to the private museums that were able to get funding. We hope that the “meeting” with them will not only be useful for you, but will also be extremely interesting, both for professionals of museum business and for ordinary readers, lovers of cultural and educational tourism-for those people, for whom the magazine is primarily published.

We are also pleased to inform you that on the eve of this issue, the “Grants” section appeared on the website of the Association of Private Museums of Russia.