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  • The Museum of the “Dmitrov frog” held an online master class on the production of protective masks

The Museum of the “Dmitrov frog” held an online master class on the production of protective masks

“At a time, when it seems, that your company is about to fail, you need to smile and think about: what benefits can be derived from the temporary pause. For example, you can to put your documents  in order, make cosmetic repair – all this is impossible during the daily work – to do research and look for some  interesting facts,  or just to make souvenirs with your own hands and thus prepare for the next season, ” – said Yulia Khazova, the founder of the “Dmitrov frog”  museum.

At a time, when museums were closed on the quarantine due to the coronavirus, she recorded an online workshop on making reusable protective masks. We offer you the folowing.

In order to make a mask, that will  protect you against the infections, you will need the following things:

1. gauze;

2. narrow bandages;

3. chintz;

4. threads;

5. scissors;

6. needle.

First, you need to cut the gauze into six rectangles (the size depends on the size of the head): the width of the mask – the distance from ear to ear, the height-from the tip of the nose and to the level below the edge of the chin by 2 — 3 cm.

Then, after dividing the narrow bandage into 4 four-inch strips, you should make the ties 40 cm long. All the details for the mask are ready! Insert the thread into the needle …..then  sew!

Please, pay attention to the fact, that the edges of the product mask must be bent inward by 1-2 cm, so that the entire fringe is inside the mask and doesn`t cause discomfort while  wearing the mask.

To make the stylish masks, we use four layers of gauze and two layers of beautiful calico.

The ready-made mask need to be washed and ironed!

The period of wearing the product – five-six-5-6 hours, then you should  wash and iron them for five minutes at a  maximum. It is interesting, that the idea of holding a master class was continued. Since the medical masks have long disappeared from the shelves of pharmacies, the offers to sew masks for sale started to arrive in “Dmitrov frog” Museum.