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The Museum of the 20th century, or Back in the USSR. Maloyaroslavets

On June 26, the founders and managers of the Phoenix Wild Animals Protection and Rehabilitation Center Veronika Matyushina and Sergey Klochek visited the Museum of the 20th century, or Back in the USSR.

They did not just come to visit but also brought a new pet to the museum’s mini-zoo – a beautiful black fox named Alice.

Alice now lives together with the red fox Zhulik, who came here earlier and, by the way, also from the Phoenix Center. As did Stepan the Raccoon and Frosya the Chinchilla. All the animals have long become crowd favorites and feel great.

Veronika and Sergey helped to introduce Alice to Zhulik and also suggested an original idea and helped to implement it — to transfer the roe deer Masyanya to its new personal enclosure through a mesh corridor. So today Masyanya also has a housewarming party!

The founder and head of the Museum, Viktor Fedorovich Zhukov gave a short tour to the guests. He showed the new exhibition halls and told about an ambitious plan to build a Russian stove.

Veronika Georgievna shared the history of the Phoenix Center, as well as its goals and plans.

The meeting of good friends was warm and productive as always.

Veronika and Sergey, on behalf of the entire Phoenix Center, presented a memorable gift to the Museum — the designer’s badges-paws that symbolized saving and protecting wildlife.

We sincerely thank our dear friends and are waiting for them again at the Museum of the 20th century, or Back in the USSR!

The museum is free and very interesting. We would love for as many people as possible to learn about it and come to see an exhibition of retro cars, a mini-zoo, exhibition halls, a petting zoo, a shooting range, an art gallery, a mini-courtyard of Yuri Novozhilov other attractions of the unique museum complex “The 20th century, or Back to the USSR” in Maloyaroslavets, Kaluga region.

Here you can look at the exhibits all day and not get tired at all! You can play Soviet board games, listen to a phonograph, learn a lot about the history of our country.

That’s why it’s so frustrating that though everyone, even at the highest level, is speaking about the need to develop tourist facilities in the Kaluga region, they still ignore the Museum and refuse to include it in the regional tourist routes, justifying it by the fact that the museum is free!

“But we are doing it for the people!” The head of the Museum says that free entrance is a matter of principle since everything was free in the USSR.

But if you want, you can donate money for the animal feed or the development of the cultural center.

Museum address:
Kaluga region, Maloyaroslavets, Grigory Sokolov st., Building 66