The Museum of Machines of Vadim Zadorozhny

In 1999, Vadim Zadorozhny visited the annual Autoexotics car show in Tushino, where he met a group of restoration enthusiasts who were engaged in the restoration of a BMW DA3 Wartburg from the early 1930s. Vadim Zadorozhniy volunteered to help them, and completely restored the car in 10 months. The result of the work done so inspired the machine enthusiast that Vadim Zadorozhny decided to purchase and restore several more BMW pre-war cars. As a result, by the end of 2000, five retro cars had already been restored. The collection gradually expanded, therefore assistants and rooms for storing equipment were needed. So, the “Club of Convertibles and Roadsters” appeared, which can be considered the forerunner of the modern museum. A small field not far from the Arkhangelskoye estate was chosen as the base for the collection. It was abandoned at that time as there were no buildings, meter-long burdocks all over the territory, and power transmission towers overhead.

On April 15th, 2006, the first stone was solemnly laid in the foundation of the new six-story building of the Museum of Machines of Vadim Zadorozhny. And two years later, on Cosmonautics Day (April 12th, 2008), a large-scale two-level exposition was opened to visitors. It included not only rare pre-war automobiles, but also motorcycles, airplanes, and samples of a wide variety of military equipment and weapons. During the discussion of museum development plans, it was decided to create the first Russian world-class technical museum. The project provided not only the area for the exposition, but also well-equipped restoration workshops, a service center for antique cars, a library, a restaurant, an office, and administrative premises. Subsequently, the museum has its own chamber cinema.

Collections are conditionally divided into automobile, motorcycle, armor, railway, aviation, and military-technical and small arms areas. In total, there are more than 1,000 exhibits of unique technology.

Additional services:

Parking lot, restaurants, banqueting room, business center, shooting gallery, leasing of machines.