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The Moscow Packaging Museum has created an Instagram account

The Moscow Packaging Museum has created an Instagram page – @museumpack. So far, exhibits from its collection can only be observed online and at some exhibitions.

The packaging industry, as you know, around the world is considered the main driving force of the real market economy and at the same time its history in our country is unique! In order to open up to the public and gain permanent premises in Moscow, the Packaging Museum needs partners from the packaging industry and the tourism business.

Shortly after the opening, the Packaging Museum began to perform not only historical and educational, but also educational functions. Indeed, just at that time in the higher education system of Russia for the first time new specialties and specializations were created related to production technologies and packaging design.

Teachers from many universities and colleges, and Moscow tourist organizations became interested in the museum’s exposition… It has always been interesting and comfortable place for numerous students, designers, tourists, and entrepreneurs. After all, packaging accompanies people throughout their lives.

Previously, since 1999, the Packaging Museum was part of the Polytechnic Museum and worked there until the closing of the building for a long-term reconstruction. Over the years, the archives of the Packaging Museum has collected huge collections of packages and archival materials such as boxes, glass bottles and vials, labels, special literature of the 19th – 20th centuries and even earlier times. But since the Packaging Museum has not yet found a permanent building after leaving Polytechnic Museum at the end of 2010, all this wealth is now, ironically, stored in a packaged form.

Of course, the Packaging Museum should find its place in the tourist, educational and enlightening complexes of Moscow as soon as possible. In the meantime, we will try to show part of its collection on the Instagram.

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