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The “Masks of the World” Exhibition Held in Yegoryevsk and Kaluga

“Masks of the World” is a unique exhibition of masks, sculptures and household items, carefully collected for 200 years by the Bolysov family. It unites cultures of different countries and peoples in one exhibition space. This allows each guest to make not only a trip around the world without leaving the museum, but also to be filled with the creative energy of a huge planet.

One of the most extraordinary exhibits at the “Masks of the World” is the 19th century African sculpture Nkisi-Nkodi, which fulfills wishes and protects from evil spirits.

The exhibition holds:

Masks of Africa reflect plasticity of African masks, unusual for the European look, combining bizarre geometric shapes and elements of exotic animals or insects.

Masks of Asia are the brightest, most expressive masks of Asia, embodying various Dharmapalas (protectors) and Bodhisattvas.

The Masks of Russia are a separate mysterious topic, poorly studied and practically not presented to a wide audience. Such products, as a rule, are one-of-a-kind piece. Having created such a mask, the master never makes a copy of it, since the spiritual component of the object is lost.

The “Masks of the World” exhibition in Yegoryevsk runs from September 1 to October 5 at 73/20 Sovetskaya Street, Yegoryevks, Moscow Region.

The “Masks of the World” exhibition in Kaluga runs from September 4 to October 4 at 4 Pushkin Street, Kaluga, 248000.