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The Linen Museum “Linen Province” in “Non-Good Notes” on Channel One

The famous TV presenter, actor, director and traveler Dmitry Krylov, the author of the program “Non-Good Notes” on Channel One, visited one of the members of the Association of Private Museums of Russia, at the Linen Museum ”Linen Province”, located in the city of Pechory, Pskov Region. Museum founder Vera Fest decided to move here from St. Petersburg 15 years ago with friends; together they decided to revive the linen industry here. Before the war, there were 28 linen processing plants in the Pskov region. At first, an atelier for sewing linen products was opened, in the process of production they decided to open the Museum of Linen, but the one that it was poetical and without boring guides. And it happened, because the texts of the excursions are written in verse.

The museum’s collection allows you to go through all the stages, from sowing flax to spinning fabric. Here guests can get information about all areas of application of products from this unique plant, both in past times and in our time. Visitors of  the museum can see flax seeds and sheaves (some of them from the experimental site), authentic items for processing and production of linen threads and fabric. The exposition presents old and modern linen clothes. In addition, it is possible to get acquainted with the process of paper production and dyeing fabrics with natural dyes, to see the latest industry discoveries in recent years. A special place in the exposition is given to Pskov and the Pskov Research Institute of Agriculture as the custodian of the seed fund.