The Immortal Regiment of Valaam Exhibition

“On the twenty-second of June, at exactly four o’clock, Kiev was bombed, they announced to us that the war had begun.”

The artist Gennady Dobrov has long been gone from this world, but the heroes of the drawings he created live on, and not only on paper. Karelian master Ivan Martsenyuk carved their portraits from wood, and now the invalids of the Great Patriotic War, who lived out their lives on the island of Valaam, crippled, but who did not lose a living soul, go around the country, staying at billets in those corners of our homeland where they do not protect themselves from sad and sorrowful emotions and do not bypass the tragedy and suffering of people.

On June 22, 2019, the Immortal Regiment of Valaam by Ivan Martsenyuk “stopped” in the village of Prozorovo, Breytovsky District, Yaroslavl Region.

This year, as on May 9, it will remain at home, in Karelia, in the village of Sheltozero, and again will only remind us of the innumerable victims and inhumanity of that war from the screens of computers and smartphones.