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The first “Gingerbread Day 2020” online festival

Irina Zherebkina, the General Director of the “Gingerbread House” museum said:

Despite the pandemic, and the renovation of the new premises of the “Gingerbread House”, it was decided to hold the third  “Gingerbread Day” festival in online format! It turned out to be the right decision: more than 8000 people visited than festival! Of course, all it was performed  in online format. It was an unusual experience!

The festival was broadcasted live, so not only the residents of Vladimir, but also all people in Russia could watch it online! Fairy-tale heroes of the “Fairy-Tale Russia” project, gingerbread manufacturers and museums of gingerbread from all over Russia got in touch with the guests of the festival!

It was just like on Cathedral Square two years in a row, when the festival was held offline: performances by the heroes of the “Fairy Russia” project, excursions to the museums of Russian gingerbread, master-classes, fortune telling on gingerbread, songs about gingerbread, incendiary performances by Sergei Malenkin on the balalaika musical instrument, Alexey Kopytin’s wonderful playing on spoons, dancing and flash mob from the “Balance” dance school!

We held a traditional fairytale costume contest, in which more than 150 children’s and adult costumes were presented! The choice was very difficult!

So we gave our fairy-tale heroes a chance to select. The works were estimated by: “Berendei” and “Sudarushka”, “Vasilisa the Wise” and the “Water King”, the “Frog Princess” and “Ivan Tsarevich”, “Kikimora Vyatskaya” and “Marya еру Skilful!”

All gifts and prizes (of course in offline format), will find their owners!

The festival ended with the traditional launch of balloons to the hymn of the  “the Road of Good” festival and an incendiary flash mob of all participants to the songs “Kalinka” and “Felt Boots”! See you next year! We will see you at the “Gingerbread Day 2021” festival , we hope it will be held in the traditional format, in the center of the city.